Foreverstar engagement rings were inspired by the pursuit of a more unique style that can be tailored to each individual who wears them. As industry veterans, with wholesale diamond operation both in the US and overseas, we saw the opportunity to utilize our resources and skill to create something special. We strive to inspire those who want something different. An engagement ring is one of the most personal purchases a person makes in their lifetime, and we want to help make unforgettable.

Our engagement rings are crafted with a meticulous attention to detail. While most engagement ring designs are limited to a certain diamond shape or size, Foreverstar settings are fully customizable, allowing you to make it a personal piece and never compromise. Foreverstar settings have stronger prongs than other rings. That means your diamond is always secure and will not become loose over time. The metal in our white gold settings is coated with a special solution that slows down the inevitable yellowing of the metal. That means less frequent visits to your jeweler for rhodium plating.

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Hearts By Star

We believe that every engagement ring should hold an ideal cut diamond, to bring out the most intense sparkle, fire and brilliance. Not every diamond is cut to be ideal, and more importantly, not every diamond exceeds the the highest standards for craftsmanship and light performance.

By meeting very strict specifications and symmetry, Hearts by Star® diamonds boast a beautiful cut that shows 8 Hearts and 8 Arrows inside of each diamond.

Hearts & Arrows is a very unqiue cut that many companies try to brand as their own. Our goal is to balance a perfect cut with the best combination of grades (F-G-H/VS1-SI1), and couple these with an affordable budget.

Every one of our diamonds is laser inscribed with the Hearts by Star® logo, visible on the girdle and has its own unique ID number.

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