The Company

Since its inception, ActivGem has vigorously followed one philosophy - satisfying every facet of its customers' needs, by providing them with a superior product at the most competitive prices, while delivering an uncompromising service. This philosophy is within the heart and soul of our employees, and has been the driving force to our success and accomplishments.

Our extensive inventory of loose diamonds includes all shapes between 0.50 to 5.00 carats, D-J color, IF-SI2 clarity. The majority of our diamonds is certified by GIA and AGS, and we also carry some EGL USA certified stones. Our inventory consists of mostly ideal-cut diamonds, and quite a few hard-to-find off sizes. We offer 24/7 access to our frequently updated list, and even offer special promotions from time to time.

Thanks to our dynamic purchasing ability, we offer our customers the possibility to have the very first pick of the most attractive diamonds produced anywhere in the world. Since we never broker any diamonds from other companies, our prices are extremely competitive.

We offer free one-way shipping anywhere in the continental United States. Our highly trained and dedicated sales team is available nationwide to personally assist and provide you with great service. We will never mislead our customers over the phone or in person regarding a diamond's make, and guarantee no surprises with our goods.

Finally, ActivGem is proud to treat its customers like family members. Thanks to this intimate and dedicated approach, we continuously strive to accomplish our goal of always supplying you with the exact diamond you are looking for.

We hope to hear from you soon and will do our best to help you reach 100% satisfaction.


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